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The file extension AS identifies source code files in the scripting language ActionScript. It is a Macromedia (now Adobe) language developed for the control and generation of interactive Flash appl...

About is one of the first websites which was created in order to provide the users with information about file extensions. The origins of our existence date back to 2001. From this point forward we have collected more than 15,000 file extensions in our database. Are you looking for verified information? Take advantage of our experience.
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File extensions

File extensions are one of the basic elements which allows for matching a given file with a proper application to support it and interpreting its content. It is a certain part of the file name consisting of few characters at the end of the file name. Extensions are also informative for users. Only by referring to the full file name we are able to find out what file we deal with. This is possible in the case when the user has already been in contact with such an extension. Otherwise you can use information gathered on The purpose of this website is to expand knowledge about extensions. Use the knowledge gathered here and learn programs which can open the file extension you are interested in.

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